Barbara Dennerlein - hammond organ, synthesizer, footpedals
Marcel Gustke - drums, percussion


Live recording
Concert from 07.05.2015 at Bauer Studios, Ludwigsburg, Germany


"In today's world of compressed mp3 files and digital CDs, this top quality analogue recording represents a truly precious gem and a real feast for the ears. Actually, it goes without saying that analogue recording direct to tape is the best way of capturing the unique sounds produced by the original Hammond Organ's valve-amplified rotating tone wheels. This provides the home listener with the same thrill which one normally only experiences at a live event, when shivers run down one's spine as the slightly distorted, crackling Hammond sounds and the danceable grooves start to get under one's skin.
When choosing the programme for this production I concentrated particularly on earthy blues, soul and funk pieces, some of which I composed especially for this live recording. My original B3 Hammond Organ has been modified with a midi interface, which is used to control additional sound sources such as synthesisers and in particular a sampler for the contra-bass played with my feet. The entire programme was of course played and recorded live together with my outstanding drummer, Marcel Gustke, and we deliberately forwent all forms of post-production.
Just like in the old days, the concert was mixed live and recorded in stereo direct onto analogue tape exactly as it was performed. An exciting challenge for Marcel and me, but one to which we gladly rose and which gave us great pleasure. If our pleasure is transferred to you whilst listening to this record, then that would be the most wonderful thing one could achieve through the truly passionate playing of music."


official release date: 16.10.2015